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Information technology (IT)

Branchen-Content-2-beROSSIWhen we talk about IT, we mean both IT service providers and the specialist IT departments that you find in large companies across various industries. The challenge facing IT is that it must cope with the fast pace of development and the rapid growth in information and data volumes. Technical solutions are becoming increasingly important (for all industries), but IT cannot just self-indulgently offer the ‘trendiest’ solution. Instead, it must put its innovative capacity at the service of customers in order to meet their business requirements. Bridging the gap between technical solutions and requirements is precisely where our main area of expertise and experience lies. Having originally come from an information technology background, we have systematically expanded our horizons by incorporating the perspective of specialist departments on behalf of IT with a view to aligning technical solutions with business strategy.


Branchen-Content-1-beROSSIThanks to the wealth of experience we have accumulated in management and project roles at insurance companies, this industry has become our main focus. The requirements of this industry are distinct and it has a language all of its own, which we understand and know how to speak. Although consolidation measures and the harnessing of synergies have long been seen as optional extras for achieving optimisation within this industry, they have never been regarded as a true necessity. That is now changing. As a result, we are seeing a new dynamism when it comes to aligning operations with lean business processes and a set of standard back office processes that are both consistent and straightforward. Although optimisation measures often target administration and technology processes first, they can only bear fruit if they actually start with the products and ‘customer-to-customer business processes’. Thanks to our many years of experience in the insurance industry, we understand the language of our customers and can help them to identify and tap potential for improvement using a targeted approach.